Who are we?

H Remodeling Group, is  a  family  business  that was  created  to  meet  the needs of  our  clients in  the residential  and  commercial area. Seeing  the need of many  clients who required not only a painting service or an installation, but also an integral service that would allow them to obtain improvements in the environment that they wanted to change, the idea was born of a company that would provide the remodeling service.  which is always being  updated with new  techniques, use of  technology, products, and materials of high quality, which allow us to provide the  service in  such  a way that the client obtains the desired result, with the best quality.

  • Mission: To   serve   all  our customers  with  our professional   team  to  satisfy their  needs, generating the greatest responsibility, and guaranteeing an efficient service with the best quality. Making that at the end of our day the client is satisfied and with a wide smile with     its new remodeling.
  • Vision: To be one of the best companies in the state of Florida, providing improvements in real estate, achieving the satisfaction and comfort of all our clients. While expanding our reach to meet new expectations.